Raju Family Heritage of Healing

The Raju family comes from a long line of distinguished vaidyas (ayurvedic physicians) going back for generations on both the mothers’ and fathers’ sides. They are native to Andra Pradesh and have lived in Hyderabad for more than 30 years.

Dr. J.R. Raju

Dr. J.R. Raju has years of experience and success in treating the full range of diseases, from prevention to the seemingly incurable. The Raju brothers form the core of the Institute’s Council of Vaidyas. They work tirelessly helping people to heal, both here at the Health Center and from around the globe.

Dr. Krishna Raju

Institute Director Vaidya Dr. A.V. ‘Krishna’ Raju: Expert in ayurvedic medicine, panchakarma, pulse diagnosis and sukha-marma, visiting Ayurveda consultant to various European and Asian Ayurveda Institutes and Panchakarma  centers.

Dr. Padma Raju

Dr. Padma Nayani Raju is a Panchakarma (PK) Treatment Supervisor, and Guest Services Manager.  She is an expert in herbology and nutrition, as well as a highly skilled chef. She prepares all the menus and oversees meal preparation according to the traditional principles of ayurveda to provide the best nutritional support for PK.

Raju Ayurveda Center Project

Edgar Davis ~ Real Estate Developer, Fund raising

Frederick Swartz, JD, CPA ~ Finance

Andrew Robbins ~ Expert in US-Asian Business Development

Stuart Basil ~ Attorney

Erik Hirschhaeuser ~ Head of large building company in Cologne, Germany and Consulting Contractor

Dr. Dean Anderson ~ Raju Ayurveda Clinic Project Manager; retired executive; researcher

 Vastu Architects

K & SK Architects ~ Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Main Architect ~ Krithika Karuppiah

Temple Architect ~ S. Santhana Krishnan

East West Cultural Institute (EWCI)


Dr. Dean Anderson ~ Managing Director, East West Cultural Institute

Dr. Jim Davis, D.O. ~ Director, East West Cultural Institute, Physician

Andrew Hinman ~ Director, East West Cultural Institute, Consulting architect

Brad Rockwell ~ Director, East West Cultural Institute, Attorney