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Australia ~ Free from melanoma

As a first timer to Ayurvedic treatment in India, I came to it with an open mind and heart for this traditional method of healing. I was firstly surprised at the length and depth of the Panchacharma process, having been used to the western model of perhaps twice weekly. With the upgrade to daily treatments, supported with a complex variety of tinctures, oils and herbs, this moved me rapidly into a healing mode.

Panama ~ Amazing pulse-diagnosis

I am healthier now than ever before: I am 63 and I have no health problems.  One of my goals is  to live and be healthy into my nineties. I  went for Panchakarma to help me have that long healthy life. At the clinic, the most  amazing experiences were the daily consultations with the Dr. Rajus. From touching my pulse, they asked me about difficult events that happened 25 years ago and knew everything about my health. It felt like an honor to be diagnosed by them.  In terms of the treatments, I was astonished at how many daily treatments we received. These were labor intensive treatments- especially the long daily oil massages.  Since I returned, I feel healthier than ever before. I will definitely return for another health retreat. 

USA ~ Huge transformation for my life

The Raju panchakarma and herbs and my new routine already have been a huge transformation for my life.  It takes a lot of time, but since coming back I’ve been essentially giving myself a “mini-PK” daily and then following that with asanas, surya namaskar, pranayama, and a long [meditation] program.  By the time I start my day, I’m in bliss and the physiology feels so smooth and clear and amazing!  I’m  SO happy I went to the Rajus to do PK ( I almost went to a clinic in Kerela instead). The only thing I’ve experienced that is more powerful was learning TM and Yogic Flying – and that is saying a lot because TM and the TM-Sidhis Program completely changed my life.  But I’m always ready for more transformation!

Iran ~ Long term benefits

I started PK more than 10 years ago with Dr. Raju’s family, and have been coming annually since then. Now I am 60 years old, but even though I am 10 years older I don’t feel that I age and everybody tells me that I look better than before even. Before starting the Raju Panchakarma, I had high blood pressure and joint problems from my mother’s side. But with the regular PK, the health problems don’t increase and just keep getting better. I don’t take any allopathic medicines, only herbal supplements.

Italy ~ Whole new perception of mind and health

Italy ~ Whole new perception of mind and health: My friend reports that panchakarma here is very effective and strong and after the days of treatments you perceive your health in a very different way. It is the same for me. Every day you regain a piece of your health and this means more open awareness, more open mind and intellect; the senses became more bright and you start to remember (smriti) what you really are. Thank you very much to this great family who from so many generations are preserving the purity of this deep knowledge.

USA ~ Smriti success story

I am happy to say we have had great success with the Smriti [Raju family herbal preparation for enlivening wholeness and health]. My son who had been diagnosed with ADD has had a fabulous beginning of the school year without any drugs and only the Smriti. He even got straight A’s this quarter. It truly feels like a miracle that he’s been able to be such a success without traditional medication. Not only is he thriving at school his whole temperament is better.